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pricing advice needed

updated mon 30 jun 97


Robert Speirs, M.D. 12 4450 on sat 28 jun 97

Someone has asked me to make her a set of dishes. I have never tried
this and have always thought of it with a sense of fear, but I know I
need to try it at least once!

I have NO idea what to charge her. She wants a service for 8 (heaven
help me). I do ^5 porcelain and do a fair amount of decorating with
underglazes, so that will be pretty time consuming. Thank goodness
she's not in a hurry, but I do need something to tell her regarding how
much it will cost. She tells me she once paid $400 for another set of
handmade dishes. Sounds good to me, but maybe that's not enough.

Well, thanks for your input.

Laura in Oregon - where the sheetrock finally went up in my new studio
today. I should be in there and potting in about 3 weeks!!!!!!!

Karen Gringhuis on sun 29 jun 97

Laura - Last time I did a set, I just took the price for one
and multiplied by the number in the set! No big deal. Lots of
people here have zillions of other angles but it seems to me
they ust over complicate your thinking. This is not rocket
science. I welcomed the challenge - if you don't, then
don't do it; life's too short. I was thrilled to accomplish
the order. Good luck. Karen Gringhuis

Elca Branman on sun 29 jun 97

Don't price a set. I've sold many sets but all my dishes are priced
individually and my dinner plates do not have complicated decoration. I
sell my dinner plates at 26,salad plates at 16 small soup bowls 14 etc
etc mugs 8..When I take an order,they can figure out the costs at once,
add or replace later..
This also allows younger poorer people to start small..
Elca Branman
Branman Potters ,Stone Ridge, N.Y.
in the Hudson Valley

Ken Russell on mon 30 jun 97

>>I have NO idea what to charge her. She wants a service for 8 (heaven
>>help me).

For what it's worth, I retail a four piece place setting for 84 dollars (42
wholesale): 10" plate, 6" salad plate, bowl and goblet (or mug). All wheel
thrown. In my humble opinion, I think 400 is WAY too low for service for
8, especially porcelain. She may have paid 400 bucks a thousand years ago,
but not anytime in the present. You may want to check around locally and
ask at what price other potters are selling their dinnerware.

Ken Russell
The Arlington Pottery