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price shock!!!!

updated thu 6 nov 97


Tom Morris on sun 26 oct 97

I was on the #pottery IRC channel the other night when we got to talking
about clay prices.... and I did the math, found that the clay I am getting
from Miami Clay Co. is 40 cents a pound ($10 for a 25lb. bag). I was told
to inquire about volume discounts, but I am... *ahem* not as much of a
potter as those suggesting it. 25lb. usually lasts about two weeks for me,
now, with all this WONDERFUL homework and all. I probably have space to
store 100lb. at a time... when I mentioned the concept of 250lb. at a time
to my mom, she... well... disagreed....
I am a bit shy to bargain about clay prices, since I buy so infrequently...
but tired of paying $10 a bag. What are the usual volume discounts??

Tom Morris
To whom fall brings cool weather (FINALLY!), and lots of homework. I will
even get homework over the Xmas break. Yes, homework homework homework.

Roeder on mon 27 oct 97

Hi Tom,

Do you have a friend who orders clay from the same place? I've gone on
"clay runs" to pick up supplies, and usually ask others if they need
some too. A group of people can order together, thereby upping the
total quantity and getting a price break per pound.

Schools often order bagged clay...perhaps you can ask them to include
your order with theirs in exchange for some help w/unloading? Potter's
guilds sometimes place group orders to get price breaks.

The price breaks are usually listed in the catalog.

It may pay to ask around.

Candice Roeder
in snowy Michigan

Tom Morris wrote:
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> I was on the #pottery IRC channel the other night when we got to talking about

Unruly JuliE on mon 27 oct 97


Price discounts are applied at every poundage interval. The clay
I buy is $0.34 per lb. @ 25lb's; $0.31 per lb @ 50lb's; $0.29 per
lb @ 100lb's; $0.27 per lb @ 500lb's; $0.25 per lb @ 1000lb's;
$0.23 per lb @ a ton and $0.21 per lb @ 2 1/2 tons. If you don't
use a lot of clay, you don't want to buy a lot. It does dry out
after a couple years sitting in the bags. Although I would buy a
minimum of 100 lb's. Keep in mind, depending on where you live
and where you are getting your clay, clay companies will not
usually deliver clay in the winter. It is not guaranteed to be
kept from freezing.


Elca Branman on mon 27 oct 97

I was equally shocked..In N.Y.state , i was paying $13 per box,2 bags of
25 lb apiece.,pugged and deaired..I was buying in 500 lb or more lots to
get that in Sarasota,for 25 lbs,I'm paying what it costs the
studio owner,$11 a bag of 25 lbs..It is a special mix,but it is not de
aired...$shock to me.
Elca, almost at home in Sarasota,Florida

Sue Pellegrini on wed 5 nov 97

Can't you find a local potter who will get you a bag or two when they order
for their studio's? I usually do this for friends so they can get the ton
price.. It also seems to me that, when I was a member of the local co-op here
in Rochester, I got my clay at the studio price. Look around....

Pelly in Rochester, NY