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price shock!!

updated wed 29 oct 97


Wint Harris on tue 28 oct 97

Tom and Others,

I'm currently paying .18/lb. for moist, bagged stoneware and earthenware =
(red or
white) in 1,000 lb. quantities. Less quantities are .015 to .02 higher per
pound. This includes the gamut of Laguna clays my supplier carries as well =
the clays he mixes and pugs from his own recipes...which is what I primarily
use. This price has increased a penny a pound in the last two years. =
runs about .21 or .22/lb. (Not sure of this...I don't use much porcelain, =
have picked up for others.) I always pick up my own, so I can't tell you
anything about freight.
I have discussed having him custom mix from my own recipe. He estimated the
prices to be about the same for any stoneware or earthenware mix. Custom =
is available from him in a minimum quantity of 2,000 lb.

Marla - still diggin' out in snow-ravaged SW Kansas=21