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pozo workshop

updated tue 30 apr 96


Dave Kuilema on thu 11 apr 96

Hi all,
I am wondering if anyone has done a workshop with Angelica Pozo?
can you recommend?
I love lurking and feeling the energy of this group, but sometimes think I
am spending too much time in the studio, and the world is passing by.
Lily, what IS "repeal the salvage rider"?, I will email the pres if I know
what it's about. And what, Lori, is RIO in your test glaze results of
keep on keeping on
Mary in Michigan-- today the sun is shining! Spring may happen after all. on sun 14 apr 96

I've never taken a workshop with Angelica, though I was a roommate of hers
for a couple months YEARS back! She's a wonderful person and a terrific
artist! I would recommend the workshop based on what I know of her and her

Carol in Cleveland