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potters dictionary / sharpening

updated mon 30 jun 97


Robert Wilt on thu 26 jun 97

I have two questions for Steve or for anyone else who can answer.
I thought others might be interested in these questions too.

First, what's the difference between the 3rd and 4th editions of
the Potter's Dictionary? Is it a few more articles, or major additions
and corrections?

Second, I bought some Dolan trimming tools last autumn (from the
Potter's Shop) and they certainly have made trimming a lot more fun.
The question is, how do you know when they need to be resharpened,
and what is the best way to resharpen them?


waiting for the wild blueberries

Karen Gringhuis on sat 28 jun 97

Bob - I sharpen my Dolan Tools on a WEN Products Chicago, IL
Wet Wheel = hollow grinder, sharpener,honer. My tools incl.
their small scale ones which are fine steel which does wear out
eventaully - but I ust order new ones & am thankful they exist!
Karen Gringhuis