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positions on salt

updated mon 31 mar 97


Elca Branman on mon 17 mar 97

One of the problems I have with being ecologically sensitive or possibly
insensitive, is that none of us really know enough aboput some of the
results of our good intentions..I fire salt, and my trees s eem pretty
healthy although as I look around my county, a whole lot of maple trees
are dying of some tree disease..The dogwoods had something a couple of
years back but there are new little baby ones, and some of the older
trees recovered. When my daughters babies were little, she carefully
washed cloth diapers and then some statisticas came out on electric use
and water use which seemed to
make disposables more ecologically correct; life became confusing.
Obviously, nature does marvellous correcting of imbalances, and I am not
saying use all the freon you want, but time is often needed to evaluate
effects..And we all keep driving cars, don't we?And having babies (whole
other discussion)...Elca
Branman Potters
in Stone Ridge ,N.Y.
in the Hudson Valley