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porcelain recipes and matte glazes for cone 5

updated wed 30 apr 97


Yudit & Chris on sun 27 apr 97


Greetings fellow clay artists. I'm new to the group, I've actually had
a hard time finding a listserve/newsgroup that addresses important
issues in ceramics as much as this group does. Getting to the point,
I've been doing ceramics for almost four years now, mostly handbuilding,
and I've come to a point where I've become intersted in porcelain. More
specifically finding a cone 5 porcelain and a clear matte glaze that can
be used in conjunction with mason stains. I have quite a few books
containing recipes and so forth but few that address this specific
issue, it seems that most books are reluctant to call a cone 5 clay
"real porcelain", some books that I've consulted even suggest that
porcelain needs to be fired to cones 12-14 to even be considered "real
porcelain". I don't buy it, I would like to fire more energy efficient,
and still be able to have a bright pallette of colors to choose from.
It's not that I don't like the effects of cone 10 and above its just
that I would like to have a brilliant painting surface without the
porosity of earthen ware. I hope I've given some idea of what I'm
trying to get at. If anyone knows of a good source for these questions
or would even be so kind as to share some recipes, I'm sure I will
return the favor by sharing whatever it is know at this point with the
rest of the group.

Mille Grazie