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poor school program

updated sat 31 may 97


John Baymore on sat 24 may 97

=3Cclip=3E ......... So I ask you- Should I stop using the lovely dishes =
that I
made in this class? Should I warn other students? Should I complain?
....... =3Csnip=3E

WOW=21=21=21=21 I would say that this situation is a disaster waiting to =

My suggsetion to your question is YES to all three=21

Become an activist.... get the other students involved. It is YOUR
education and YOU are PAYING for it. Get some documentation about this
toxicology issue (lots here on CLAYART) and hit the school administration
with it. Hard. Let them also know that the faculty member is NOT
providing you with any effective dialog on your concerns. If they're
unresponsive to your efforts, get the =5E=25=24=23 out of that program and =
others not to enroll. MONEY has a way of talking in these cases and if
the administration sees loss of revenues and bad PR for the school, they
might just =22wake up=22.

You probably have significant leverage with flinging about the possibility
of OSHA and the FDA getting involved, if it gets =22nasty=22 =3Cg=3E.

There is a strong demand for ceramics courses, and they often are quite
profitable. Ceramics programs can be real =22cash cows=22 for some types of
schools, particularly is they invest very little =24 into them. Just enough
to keep the doors open, and then run it with =22smoke and mirrors=22 (run =
studios and equipment, poor housekeeping and maintenence, and underpaid,
overworked, and possibly poorly trained faculty).

I wish you the best of luck in trying to effect a change in this
unfortunate situation. This stuff is often hard..... cause it costs money.
As they say..... =22been there, done that, bought the T shirt.=22



John Baymore
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