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polymer printing plates and clay

updated fri 28 feb 97


Tom Colson on fri 14 feb 97

Hi All-

I was noodling yesterday on the possibilities of polymer printing plates
and clay. Has anyone ever used polymer printing plates to impress
designs in wet clay? If so, how much overhead is there in the process of
making the plates? I've seen sketchy descriptions of the process that
include the use of a high intensity UV light source, which is not
exactly something one has laying around the studio. Can one do this on a
small scale or does one have to go to the pros?

Lacking direct experience, maybe someone could suggest how to contact
the ClayArt-equivalent for printing?


Tom Colson
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(PS: I'm thinking of an equivalent to ClayArt as far as the concept of a
list. I doubt that any other list is as helpful and generous as this