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planning a workshop in spain

updated tue 30 sep 97


Marcia Selsor on sat 13 sep 97

Dear Clayarters,
Once again I have been asked to plan a workshop in Spain for ARTIS. This

course would be available for credit thru Montana State University
Billings, Con't. Ed.
I prefer to go in May because of weather, preseason rates on airfares
and hotels. Artis prefers end of May, and most of June. The pottery
facilities include raku kiln, wood-fired hornos Arabe (traditional
lowfire wood kiln)
a soda vapor kiln and sawdust/saggar barrel. There are wheels and
handbuilding facilities and 6 apartments for three occupants each. Last

year was for one month which included 4 days in Barcelona (Gaudi sites
see, three in Granada and two in
Cordoba, as well as the Alicante fiesta of the Fires of San Joan
day trips to Alicante and Elche.
I'd like some input from this group as to the most successful time.
I think three weeks is sufficient Travel for a few days at the
beginning. and in the middle while things dry. Have concentrated firing
activities and our exhibition. People could be free to travel after the
Previous comments have been that it is too long for professional people
to miss work. Yet, students need to have sufficient instruction. The
course focuses on Spanish Ceramics history culture and creation of works

inspired from the experience.
Please email directly to me if you have suggestions.
Marcia in Montana

Marcia Selsor

Marcia Selsor