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pit-fire electric kiln-thanks

updated mon 31 mar 97


Roeder on fri 14 mar 97

Hello again,

Thanks to all who responded to my original question about pit firing in an
electric kiln shell. I have decided to take the bottom two rings from the
old skutts (two of them available for this project) and prop them on some
pieces of kiln shelf to get some air from the bottom. We'll also be
drilling holes at various points in the shell to allow for adequate air
circulation. We can always plug them up with fiber or something if there is
too much air present. Other than the use of kiln sections rather than my
usual brick enclosure, the firing will proceed as usual, with sawdust, wood,
and "stuff" added.

I received many suggestions from you, and we may put a couple of those ideas
to use as well, depending on how many pots we have to accomodate. Trash
cans and barrels were suggested, both drilled to allow for extra air.

Once again, thanks.

Candice Roeder
in rural michigan