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pit firing pitfalls

updated fri 31 jan 97


Marcia Selsor & Matt Benacquista on fri 10 jan 97

Dear Kevin, Mel et al,
I did a pit firing once with some dung from a feed lot (students
graciously supplied it). Dung was not frisbie quality, but damp
and loose. We had a pit dug in the back of the studio which faces
the main road into Billings from the Airport.
Within three minutes, the fire dept. was there. We blocked visibility
across that road. We did have a funny front page photo with a yellow
suited fireman grinning, holding a hose thru the fence dousing our pit.
Headlines read "Where there's smoke there's ..." (1982)
I later fired out by my "farm" in Huntley and got a burning permit
from the county for burn cow manure. Kevin, just let them know ahead of
Marcia in Montana
Marci Selsor
Matt Benacquista

Emily P. Henderson on sat 11 jan 97

I pitfire. I too suggest that you notify local authorities when you are
about to do this. I pitfire at the beach and my pits are BIG I incinerate
a pickup and station wagon full of wood, dung, sawdust, and seaweed. On my
first firing in Seaside, a local resident called to express concern about
the "garbage" (Hey, what do you mean GARBAGE?) being dumped on the beach. 2
police cars and the local fire marshall arrived, I explained the situation
and they were very nice and supportive, but, I really got my jollies when I
overheard an officer calling back to the dispatcher with the comment: "No,
that's artist not arsenist." ....... It's a BIG fire!
Emily, still hanging on to the Oregon's wet but calm here.