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pit fire workshop

updated fri 11 jul 08


LYN PEELLE on wed 7 may 97

Hi All

Anyone out there have any info about pit
fire workshops in the Phoenix AZ area?
Or possibly Calif or Colorado or anywhere else
in the SW area? Or any where I could get
any info about woirkshops?


Kim Hohlmayer on thu 10 jul 08

Hi All,
I am doing two pit fire workshops , one in July and one in August at the Tuscarawas County Center for the Arts in New Philidelphia, Ohio. This sort of pit is different from most. The pieces intended for firing are bisqued, glazed then glaze fired in an electric before they go into the pit. This allows raku-like results but with some differences. Small pieces can be done more easily and items can be glazed all ove as ther is not need to leave a blank side to sit on a raku kiln shelf.
I still can get reduction and some smoking and great crazing and all of it using scrap lumber instead of having to pay for gas. If any of this sounds interesting and your in the area, email my boss, Jeannine Kennedy at to get the details. The cost is dirt cheap.
The first one is July 26, a Saturday with the glazing going on Monday and/or Tuesday nights at the Center. Anything made with a stoneware body with some grog should work. Earthenware doesn't do well at all.
The second session is set up for glazing on Thursday, August 14, with the firing on August 16.
Don't know if anyone in the area will find this an interesting approach but I have had good results and a lot of fun doing it this way.
I f nothing else, if you are in the area stop by and say hello. --Kim H.