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pit fire alt.

updated fri 31 jan 97


millie carpenter on tue 21 jan 97


I live in very suburban maryland and a friend told me about an
alturnative way of pit firing and I want to know if any one has tried
this and if it was successful. She took a 24 inch tall metal trash can
with a lid, made a number of holes near the base and more randomly up to
the top. she filled this with a mixture of sawdust, leaves, twigs and of
course, pots. this was then placed in her fire place, ignited, then she
closed the glass doors to the fireplace and no one knew that it was not a
regular fire from the smoke. comments please. her husband is very
understanding, mine is not, so I need to know in andvance if there is a
good chance tthat I will fill the house with smoke or have any other
weird thing happen.


Millie in Maryland where it is too cold!!