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pit fire advice

updated thu 10 nov 05


Laura Janssen on mon 25 aug 97

I am new to pottery and extremely excited about this wonderful adventure.
This list has become an incredible learning tool however I seem to have more
questions than when I first signed on.

I'm interested in any information, advice, or suggestions on Pit Firing. I
must confess I made a very sorry attempt a few weeks ago, at least that let
me know how little I know and how much I want to know.

Also, how do I find out about any workshops in the Greater Seattle area?

Any and all information you would like to share will be greatfully appreciated!


Bonnie Staffel on wed 9 nov 05

Unless your clay is still somewhat absorbent, but really doubt it, as it
has been my experience that you will get no reaction. Perhaps others
have had this happen but have had unusual results. I have two bisque
pieces that would like to save. So will try an experiment with an
unusual finish that I have been thinking of for a year or two. I got a
lemon and would like to make lemonade from it.

Bonnie Staffel
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