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pipenburg workshop

updated tue 4 nov 03


Barbara Mazur on thu 27 feb 97

Miami Clay Co. will hold a 1 day workshop with Raku artist Robert Pipenburg.
Robert will present a slide lecture, wheel demo, discussions, glaze
session, and raku firing demo.

Place: Miami Clay Co.
270 N.E. 183 St.
Miami, Fl.
Fee: $75.00 (lunch included)
Date: Saturday March 15, 1997

For more information and registration please contact Janet.
phone: Fl. 1-800-651-4695
outside Fl. 305-651-4695

Barbara Mazur

logan johnson on sun 2 nov 03

Hey There Claybuds,

Just want to give a heads up on the Piepenburg workshop I attended this last weekend 10-31 &11-1 Let the gushing begin!!!!!!! First off, I can't possably say enough good about this man.If you EVER get the chance to go to one of his workshops GO!!! Sell the car , house ,dog anything you need to in order to go. When my husband wins the lottery I'm planning to attend some classes where he teaches (in the fall only since he's in mich. ) I'm too old to give up creature comforts like feeling my feet or hands. He did say it was a bit cold there in the winter. Since I became a convert to the religon of ceramics 6 yrs. ago I've been a devout thrower (ever since I discovered I couldn't handbuild to save my life) Boy, did I suck at it! anyway, This man actually had me wanting to handbuild AND beliving I could after the first day! Since I'm not exactly a person who's mind can be easily changed ( I belive BULLHEADED is the term my husband uses) I was astounded by my change in attitude. To say
the least! He helped me solve ALL my raku firing problems and cheerfully answered every single question I had. I have been known to ask enough questions to drive most ceramic people nuts in just one day. He and I actually even bonded for a moment when we discovered that we both listen to one cassette tape over & over for hours.. Each of us thinking we were the only ones nuts enough to do that! It was a way cool moment! well,there's too much to go into FULL detail so if you want to hear more you'll have to contact me off list ( Mel works hard enough as it is!) WE LOVE YOU FOR THAT MEL!!! (and I'm not being sarcastic) May the clay gods smile on you !

Logan Johnson
Audeo Studios
"Carpe Argilla!!"

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