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pierantozzi and patterson workshop

updated wed 30 apr 97


Fran Newquist on mon 28 apr 97

Form and Texture, presented by the Clay Connection with Sandi Pierantozzi &
Neil Patterson. May 17 & 18, 1997, 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., at Manassas
Clay, 9122 Center Street, Manassas, Virginia. 703-330-1040 or 703-330-1173.
Fees: Members: $70.00, Non Members: $80.00

The basis of this workshop will be making pots, both on wheel and handbuilt.
Sandi and Neil will shapen fundamental skills while exploring a full range
of traditional pottery forms (cups, jars, teapots, bowls, etc.). Emphasis
on developing individual approaches to working with the material at every
skill level.

Sandi and Neil will investigate one form at a time, presenting two views and
alternate forming techniques. Sandi will covers all aspects of slab
building with textured surfaces. Demonstration will include how to apply
texture to clay using found objects, cutout inlaid shapes, clay stamps and
bisque molds of textured surfaces which the clay is rolled on producing a
full slab of texture. Short demos on making clay stamps and applying terra
sigillata to pots will be included. Neil will cover throwing, altering,
assembling and work with slips. There will be emphasis on applying textures
using the wheel.

fran newquist