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perforated kiln shelves

updated tue 18 nov 97


Marcia Selsor on wed 31 jul 96

I used perforated kiln shelves during my raku workshops in Spain.
They were great for heat circulation in a raku kiln. They appeared
to be 5/8" thick, fire clay type of material, holes were about 5/8"
also. Does anyone know of a source in the US for such shelves?
Marcia in Montana

Jonathan Kaplan on mon 17 nov 97

Perforated kiln shelves are available from many sources.

For domestic products,I would try Ferro in Ohio at the Cesco or Louthan
Plant in East Liverpool.

Acme Marls in England manufactures a large range of perforated batt
systems. Contact me if you wnat the US sales rep's information. I have
imported directly from them and it is not very difficult to do. You may
also try Highwater Clays on the east coast or Geil Kilns on the west coast
as they are also direct importers of Acme Marls products and might have
what you need.

Good Luck


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