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part 2: paperclay on the internet.

updated thu 31 jul 97


Dawne Jenelle Fowkes on tue 29 jul 97

To all,
Just want to do a little clarifying about the patent pending on the
"pclay". Rosette has been very clear about the fact that that she did not
invent "paperclay". To my knowledge, she has never claimed to have done so.

I have spent several hours talking with her about "pclay" and how it's
different from the "take clay slip, add paper pulp" = paperclay. From our
conversations, I can tell you "pclay" is NOT that. Richard was right when he
stated that what she is attempting to patent is a "particular process or
aspect of paperclay".
Rosette has done several years of academic/studio research and has
consulted with non-clay people to aid in the product development. No, she
did not give me specific details (honestly, I wouldn't have either if the
roles had been reversed). What she did convey about her R and D was very
interesting and goes beyond what we currently think of as paperclay.
Anyone who would like to pursue further questions about "pclay" can do so
by contacting her through the website. One more thing: she is thrilled that
people are experimenting and creating their own paperclay bodies.
I hope this helps answer some questions.
As for Rosette and the patent: hey, you go girl!

Dawne Jenelle Fowkes
Ventura, California (waiting to order a batch so I can see how it throws...)