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updated sun 31 mar 96 on sun 31 mar 96

Absolutely vent kiln re: paperclay. Strange stuff comes out.

Thanks, Louis, for the Bauer's Clear variations. My student's tried the
cobalt/rutile this weekend; they like it. Chrome later.

NCECA great. Only my second one. Old friends and new, plus trip to Alfred,
where I'd not been. Setting is beautiful, view from Cushing's studio
remarkable. What a place to work for 40 years or whatever. Snow was great,
too, though North Texas actually had a 3-4 day winter this year, and an hour
or two of snow.............The conference did seem a bit short, but perhaps
I just needed a longer break. I saw most of the exhibits, there was some
great work (and some not, of course). The Taiwanese exhibit was elegant,
some very interesting sculpture there. I understand that all the donated
pieces for the auction were sold. Does anyone know what the total was?