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paperclay question

updated mon 19 jun 00


Donald P. Chitwood/Jane Peterson on wed 14 aug 96

To those of you who work with paperclay:

When fired, is it too porous to be functional, i.e., hold water? I would
like to make wall fountains out of paperclay to reduce the weight, but if
the fired product is porous, they may sweat in the unglazed areas and
damage my customers' walls.


Jane Peterson

Bruce Gioia on sun 18 jun 00

> Is it cracking because it is paperclay or low
> fire or something else?
> ____________________________________

Keep in mind that paper pulp is a non plastic component,
and your clay sounds like its coming up rather short.
Try adding more water as a lubricant to soften and aid in the handling.
Or blend with non-paper clay to find your balance.
Mind you I've not used a commercial blend
and have limited paperclay experience=20
so these are ideas off the top so to speak,
experiment... conclusions create exclusions. maybe pleasantly surprised
by an unexpected discovery.

Good luck,