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paper clay - slip

updated fri 31 jan 97 on tue 21 jan 97

I have been very interested in the thread regarding paper clay. We
are primarily a slip casting manufacturing. We have occassion where
the additional strength would be valuable in some of the pieces that
we pour.

Has anyone tried a variation of paper clay in slip form? If so,
please let me know how, and if, it worked out. If not, any
suggestion of how to add some additional strength? We have been
considering different frits, but have not done anything definite yet.

Thanks for your input.

Dave Quist

Peter Powning on fri 24 jan 97

I've worked with paper pulp in casting slip. For standard slip casting it
is problematic if the inside of the piece to be cast is meant to be
smooth. The pulp forms clumps and lumps. It may be with some adaptation
to blending equipment I might have avoided this but that's the way it
worked for me. It's simple enough to make pulp and add it to a small
quantity of slip to try out. Just prepare pulp the normal way (soak it
and blunge it until you have a uniform slurry) and then add it to your
slip and blunge away until you have a consistancy that will cast. The
extra water can be a bit of a problem in the way the slip behaves so I
drained my pulp through a strainer to remove as much water as possible
before adding it to the casting slip.

Good luck.

Peter Powning
Sussex, NB

You Name on sat 25 jan 97

To avoid major clumping, try other materials.

you can try fiberglass, nylon fibers, and I even use slip with the fuss
from cattails. It's very fuzzy stuff, almost like animal fur, but works
that same as paper. Be creative and explore.