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updated fri 28 feb 97


R Wuetherick on tue 18 feb 97

Hello all,
I also have not done alot of shipping. Nut I have an interesting
story to add. Not as being the shipper but as an ex-employee
of Canada Post. Years and years ago some employess at
the Calgary processing plant tried an experiment. They took
two watermelons. One they packaged (protected) marked
fragile, and the other they taped the postage and adress
to the side and that was it. Off to a PVT address in
Toronto they went. For those of you that not know out
Canadian geography Calgary -> Toronto is kinda like
LA -> New York.
The watermelon that was packaged arrived mangled
and unedible. The other watermelon arrived perfectly
intact. Was broken open and ate 3000 miles
So what is the moral of the story! I think there are alot
(as in any large shipping corporation) of inconsiderate
people who make rash judgements on that FRAGILE
label. You see I have saw on many occasion saw UPS,
Purolator, etc employees look at a package that has
numerous fragile stickers and then boot (literally) the
package from loading bay to truck. Many of them
think (and get annoyed) that many people misuse
fragile stickers. Regardless if this is true or not,
is moot. I have seen this happen.
What I have found is that when these people know
that the package is PERSONALLY IMPORTANT and
not just another fragile sticker. They treat them with
extra care. When I start shipping I know that from my
experiance. I will "hand write" on all sides of the package
!!! Please take care - Hand Made fragile Pottery inside !!!.

Rod Wuetherick

> Carol...
> snip
> cardboard outter layer...fill in the open spaces with old balled up
> newspapers.. write fragile...pottery.. on the outside of the box.
> those outside surfaces are not well cushioned then one sudden hit
on that
> side of the box and that could cause breakage. Those boxes believe
me are
> thrown around during shipping, regardless of the "Fragile" signs on
> box. Think of the pottery as a person inside of a bumper car and
think of
> snip
> Best Wishes... Marshall