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orange peel ^6 electric kiln glaze

updated thu 31 jul 97


John Post on mon 28 jul 97

While looking through some of my glaze notes I found the following
cone 6 glazes.

They were both taken from a previous edition of Richard Zakin's
Electric Kiln Ceramics that I found in my local library. His new
version of the book does not contain these recipes.

The first one is for a glaze that is to be lightly sprayed over other
cone 6 glazes to achieve an orange peel effect.

*Brutus Base*
Albany Slip 43 (If you don't have this you could use Alberta Slip)
Wollastonite 38
Whiting 15
Lithium Carbonate 2
Bone Ash 2

For a grey blue add cobalt 1%
For an orange add iron 3% and rutile 1%

A glaze that Zakin says looks works well with the Brutus base sprayed
over it is K15 1.

*K15 1*
Neph. Sy 40
Dolomite 18
Flint 18
Epk 12
Bone Ash 6
Lithium Carbonate 2
Zinc Oxide 4
Copper Carbonate 2

I have never tested either of these glazes but as I recall the photos
of the pieces in the book looked quite nice.

John Post