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nylon fibers in clay

updated sat 31 may 97


Turfle, Susan A. on fri 9 may 97

Need help for a friend -

What information would be useful to a first time user of nylon fibers
in clay bodies?

When using Standard Clay Co. of Pittsburgh, PA's low fire white clay
#105 with and without grog, we noticed cracking during the forming
stages with sculpted as well as slab constructed pieces.

The tech at Standard recommended 1% by weight or less addition of
nylon fibers. Having never used fiber before, I want some tips for
its use. What considerations are there for forming, firing, glazing
or health? Advantages? Disadvantages? Is there a wide range of
fiber products available with different fiber lengths for example?
Reference materials?

Responses can be posted to clayart or emailed to me directly
Thanks in advance!!!
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