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no info on cone 10 pink stain

updated thu 31 oct 96


Linda Arbuckle on thu 17 oct 96


Sorry, but I don't have much information beyond using 6020 pink to make pink
shino. Perhaps other people have more info. When George Bowes was here he
put Amaco Velvets on stoneware in the wood kiln, which also had soda added
for vapor-glazing, and many of those colors stayed to cone 10. Velvet light
and medium pink are very refractory at lowfire temperatures, and I suspect
they come from a stain like Mason 6020.

As other helpful people have mentioned, the cadmium-selenium inclusion
stains made by Degussa or Cookson-Matthey are now widely available, very
stable, but quite expensive.

I look forward to more info from other people. Noticed the post that said
Alpine would go high. Great.

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