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new shimpo and wheelhead

updated wed 30 apr 97


Frank Tucker on fri 25 apr 97

At 07:14 AM 4/22/97 EDT, you wrote:
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>The new show-purchased Shimpo arrived. Great. However, we're
>having trouble getting the wheelhead off in order to install the
>one-piece splash pan. Supposedly, you "simply" remove one screw,
>then remove the head. Not so. Not simple, anyway. Ideas? Anyone
>else had this experience? Beautiful wheel otherwise but I want the
>splash pan on the wheel, not stored and never used (as at least one
>local art department is doing). Thank you.
>And the wind blew and blew in the Mojave...drats.

Hi Joyce,
Let me explain what probably happened to your wheelhead and then how to get
it off.
As you know there is a flat side on the shaft which fits into the
wheelhead.Then the bolt is tightened through the wheelhead against this flat
part.My booth at NCECA was close to the Shimpo booth and occassionly I would
notice someone grab onto the outside of the wheelhead as it was turning
trying to test the strength of the wheel.This is not a normal thing to do to
a wheel and it proabably forced the head slightly around so the flat parts
no longer lined up which would jam it .Since my company does lots of repairs
on all kinds of wheels we made a little device years ago to get wheelheads
off that were jammed or rusted on.Take two blocks of metal about
4"x1"x1".Drill a hole in the center of each one and tap threads in the holes
large enough to take at least a 1/4" bolt with a large head.Thread in a bolt
which has a head which will accept a wrench.Put these under the
wheelhead,one on each side with the bolt-head up.As you un-do the bolts
evenly the head goes up against the wheelhead forcing it off.Works great!I
know it seems like a lot of hassle but better than wrecking the wheelhead.If
this is not clear to you feel free to call me.

Frank Tucker
Tucker's Pottery Supplies
Cone Art Kilns