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new glaze calculation software

updated sat 30 nov 96


Rick Malmgren on thu 28 nov 96

There are a couple of new glaze calculation programs that I think deserve

GlazeChem for Windows is a terrific, well-designed program. What a joy
it is for those of us who use Windows to have this new, easy to use
program. GlazeChem works very well as a database for storing recipes and
notes, and does quick adjustments to recipe size, and calculates the
recipe costs and analysis. Print-out reports can be easily customized to
present just the information that you would like to see on each glaze.

I have used it for several months and find it to be one of the best
programs available. I encourage you to give it a try. One great plus is
that Bob Wilt, the author, is making it available as shareware from his
web site The registration is
$25, making it one of the best deals going.

Matrix for the Macintosh is another great addition to the world of glaze
software. It presents a smooth point and click approach to entering
glazes recipes and notes. Calculations are quick and accurate. Of
particular interest is the blending feature. Tell the program the two,
three or four glazes that you want to test in blends and it will generate
a report telling you how much glaze to mix, and giving analyses for the
various combinations. There is even a section for keeping track of your
blend results. The program overall has been designed to help students
and potters both to understand their glazes and to develop new ones. The
cost of the program is $200NZ (about $140US). But if you would like to
try the program Lawrence Ewing, the author, will send a demo disk for $5.
You can write to him at 21 Slant St. Careys Bay, Dunedin, New Zealand,

Two new versions of Insight (one for Windows and the other for the
Machintosh) are also in the works. For the latest on those and lots of
other information check out Tony Hansen s web page

For the information on Richard Burkett s outstanding program, HyperGlaze,
take a look at the web page

Rick Malmgren
Severn, Maryland USA