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updated fri 31 jan 97 on sun 12 jan 97

The new book by Charlotte Speight " Make It In Clay : A Beginner's Guide to
Ceramics "promises to be a good one though I haven't yet seen it. It has not
yet been published. It is tentatively scheduled for a Feb-March release date.

"Syllabus For Advanced Ceramics" and "Syllabus For Beginning Ceramics" by
Carlton Ball were both published by Keramos Books but they have been defunct
for some time. The books were picked up, I think by a west coast ceramics
supplier and published for a while though I haven't heard anything about them
for some time now. They may or may not be still available. I do have a few
remaining copies of the beginning ceramics book for sale.

Steven Branfman
The Potters Shop

Erin Hayes on mon 13 jan 97

"Syllabus For Advanced Ceramics" by F. Carlton Ball is available from
Powell's books in Portland, AND you can buy it online! Isn't technology

Their website is

Have a look - those of us in WA and OR are known to go to Powell's for
recreational exploring trips. They've got almost everything, either new or