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need info on teacup handles

updated mon 30 sep 96


Richard Burkett on sun 22 sep 96

This email was forwarded to me and I'm forwarding it to ClayArt in case
someone here knows this. Please post replies to this person privately (as
she may not be on the list) AND to ClayArt as I'd like to know this, too.
Richard Burkett

--- forwarded message ---
>Date: formation
>Hello, I'm a junior at Alfred University in the ram
>and have been involved in research for a class project. I am attempting to
>locate references or information which will provide me with sources to
>recreate the development of the tea cup handle and saucer during the middle
>ages of Europe and its importation into England in the 1600's. I have found
>references to King Charles II taking tea from Holland into England when he
>and his bride reestablished the monarchy.
>Any information you might be able to provide to assist me in locating any
>historical link, timeline and/or development in this will be greatly
>appreciated. I need to develop a slide presentation of 30 minutes and
>would like to include historical notations on the development of the
>tea cup handle and saucer use.
>Please respond as soon as you are able. My e-mail address is:
>Thank you for any assistance you can provide.
>Marcia L. Palmer

Michelle Campbell on mon 23 sep 96


I have a bookk called
Pottery & Porcelain Tablewares by John P. Cushion

Published by William Morrow & Co. Inc. New York 1976
ISBN 0-688-03055-6

I don't know if it will fill all your needs, but it has a wonderful section
of simple drawings of handles and teapots etc., identifying the type & origins.

Good Luck, Mich

Michelle Campbell
Lacka Creek Pottery
Drayton Valley, Alberta