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need cone 6 white for porcelin

updated sat 31 may 97


the cat lady on sat 24 may 97

A very good friend of mine is switching from ^10 redux
to ^6 ox - due to having to move :(

He asked me to find him some good satin white ^6 *tested*

I went to glazebase but all the white glazes are _untested_.

Can some of you kind souls out there send me some satin
white recipes please? Send them privately and I promise
they will not be handed out.

Thank you very much

sam - alias the cat lady
Melbourne, Ontario, CANADA

The more people I meet, the more I like my pets.......

Anne Chambers on tue 27 may 97

Hi Sam,

Here's an excellent easy to use ^6 glaze:

Satin White
29 silica
32 neph sy
24 whiting
12 EPK
8 zinc
5 superpax
4 bentonite

Underglaze colours/stains work well under or on top on this glaze. Watch the
chrome greens, they will turn greyish from the zinc. Lots of greens out
there that use copper so there's still lots to chose from.
I've never seen this glaze craze, also makes a good liner glaze with other
glaze combinations.

That's the orginal recipe, I have since added more superpax to make it
whiter 8% instead of 5%.

Did you enjoy the conference? I enjoyed myself.

Having a slower day than planned, got in last night at 1:30 AM. Be an early
bedtime tonight.

Take care,