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need "ceramic review" article

updated mon 30 jun 97


John Crain on tue 17 jun 97

I am a ceramicist who fires primitively and I am starting to build a
primitive kiln in my backyard. My kiln is based upon the design of the
"Hasseris Kiln", a kiln discovered from archeological excavations in
Denmark dating from the Celtic Iron Age, about 200 B.C. The kiln has a
dome vault braced with an interlacing of willow twigs. I have discovered
that several experimental kilns made with willow and clay have also been
built and fired by Gerhild Tschachler-Nagy. She wrote an article
describing these kilns in "Ceramic Review", Issue #138, 1992 entitled "A
Fascination For Fire". I am working on a seasonal schedule (as I live in
the "not now but usually frozen state of Minnesota) and I cannot afford the
extra time it would take to order a back issue from overseas. Does anyone
have this article? And could you send me a photocopy via snail mail?

Claire Erickson-Crain