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my first "show"

updated sat 30 nov 96 on tue 12 nov 96

Dear Clayarters,
I want to thank all of you who question and answer and inform the list about
various aspects of clay. I first started in clay at the community school
level, once a week for six week periods. I couldn't get enough time in so it
was recommended I try the university in town. I did and was told that I
could watch in the class and listen to the demos but there was no room for
me...a middle age woman with two children. I went to every class meeting,
listened and observed and learned enough to go home and practice. Second
semester, figuring I probably wouldn't care, the prof told me I could enroll
in the class if I cared I was doing him a favor. I did enroll and
learned and practice and learned and practiced. Then a move came and I
wasn't able to continue in clay until about a year and a half ago at which
time I practiced throwing and really found that I definitely wanted to
continue. I "enrolled" on clayart and listened and learned a whole lot while
reading as many books as I could. For you people that are so giving of your
time and your expertise...I thank you. I work with low fire red clay and use
underglazes and hope to start experimenting with cone 6 clay and glazes in
the near future...which I've been saying for the last year. I have even asked
questions here and have had fast and informative answers.
I finally decided that if I was going to continue, I would make the "craft"
side of clay...vases, candle holders, ornaments, etc.
Things I could give to relatives for special occassions. Well, then I had
made soooo much that I decided that I would get my feet wet and do some
Christmas "boutique" shows starting with my own church show. I know, the
little knitted elves, the paper mache santas, the basket filled with
greenery...that was all there.....but, I got my feet wet and I had a
wonderful show.
Thanks to the encouragement of friends and this list in just their knowledge
and perserverence...I did it. I sold out of the stock that I had supplied
and happily had to stock new each morning......I made $1700 on my first show
and it was only a little "Church Mouse Boutique' show!
I'm thrilled. I also know what I made was geared toward what the people
"might" buy and that it was not one of a kind art. I had a ball and had
recommendations for two other art type shows that my red clay art would fit
in the area. What a high!
I know this got long and I'm sorry but I wanted you out there who wonder
where to start...any where. Yes, I want to do gallery shows, be in true fine
art shows, send entries to juried shows, do wholesale work....I know now that
it is all one step at a time and just keep moving and practicing ... and
maybe some day I'll be doing all those pipe dream things.
Thank you clayart for being available to novices like me who have listened
and learned. I am thankful!
Have a great day!