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mother goddess & mesa college

updated wed 30 apr 97


Ken Nowicki on mon 28 apr 97

In a message dated 97-04-25 10:56:40 EDT, you write:

This is certainly not an academic view point on pottery associated
mythology, but I do know that when I was first learning my trade as an
undergrad at Mesa College in San Diego, we always made a kiln goddess
from clay to fire with our load and ensure success! It always worked,
so I continue that myth / tradition in my own studio today!

L. Trocchia
Keramos Studio

Hi Lisa,

When did you attend Mesa? I'm, just curious... I also went to Mesa for a long
time... in fact... that is where I got "bitten by the clay bug"... (grin) I
studied with "Doc" for a few years before Lana started teaching there... and
then for quite a few more years after that... I think it was around
1978-1984... It's not too often you bump into other people with the same
background, schooling, etc... especially "clay people" !! :-)

I just moved this weekend into a house we just bought in Encino. Moving is a
drag... but I'm really excited to have the space again to set-up my new
studio. I do mostly raku. I love it. I'm addicted... what can I say? I've
been doing my work full-time for about the last 5 years or so... couldn't
have made a better move... it's not been easy, but it has been very

What kind of work do you do? Do you have your own studio too? Where do you
live and sell your work? Drop me a line if your up to it... maybe we can
compare Mesa stories? (grin) ...Bear with me if I take awhile to answer
though, my life is sort of "topsy-turvy" with boxes of stuff everywhere left
to unpack... ugh

Nice to see your post... take care!

Ken Nowicki -