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more plagiarism

updated wed 30 apr 97


Richard mahaffey on tue 22 apr 97

John lovejoy wrote:
....I realize that as a teacher it's my responsibility to disseminate
But, is it too much to ask to acknowledge where one gets the

I'm afraid it is. It's not like some one has taken something you've
published and claimed they wrote it. Since you are a teacher, and the
recipes were not your own, I assume you compiled this info to help your
students be informed. Your fellow educator is not taking credit as a
publisher or author, he is simply passing this information on to his
students, just as you have to yours. It may not seem friendly or ethical,
but more students are benefiting from your research, so what's the harm?

Toop much trouble to include credit? What would those students learn?????

I always credit the source when telling a student/s of a glaze or
technique, or when handing out same. I feel this adds to the oral history
and chronology of ceramics. I also do this to fight the easy and rampant
reproduction of other's materials without crediting those who do the work
in the first place.

The student learns to credit those who deserve it. This is, IMHO, VERY

Rick Mahaffey, Tacoma Community College, Tacoma,Wa USA