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updated thu 31 jul 97


Al Schlimm on tue 22 jul 97

Hello all,

I'm just back from the twin cities where I spent some time with the
ever-hospitable and gregarious Bob Briscoe. We talked at length about
selling pots in a region where people seem to have a higher-than-average
awareness of the craft. According to Bob, it's no mystery how this came to
be. In his early years, Warren MacKenzie worked tirelessly to educate an
indifferent public. He would go anywhere, anytime to talk to people about
pots -- schools, Lion's Clubs, community associations, cultural
organizations, etc. He cultivated press exposure and publicity for
clay-related events and, eventually, became a household name. Now he can't
make enough pots to satisfy even the local demand. MacKenzie's
contributions as a teacher and potter are well known, but you don't often
hear about his public and community relations efforts. Unbridled
enthusiasm is fairly contagious.

Al Schlimm (who could only find one Warren MacKenzie mug on this trip.