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more mason stain decorating/maria petratou

updated mon 30 jun 97


Sylvia See on mon 30 jun 97

Joan: A little more background info about Maria I should have thought to
include in my last post.
Maria is fluent in English, as she was raised in I believe New York until
about the age of 12. You may want to ask her if she expects you to have the
bisqueware ready for her if you invite her. She painted on our ware and
she preferrs a very smooth surface on which to paint. In Greece they have
potters who throw and artists who decorate and she buys her bisque from
other potters.
If she agrees to this it works really well for you as the host. Each of us
in our little guild received several pieces of her work and it was done on
our own pottery.
Also, in Greece they do not start their day early. They work from mid
afternoon until late at night. The two we had were real night owls and they
worked on the pottery here until after midnight. They were alot of fun, and
managed press interviews in the middle of their demonstration and managed
to visit with each of us. We thoroughly enjoyed having them here and look
forward to their return, I believe next year. This year the Canadian
potters in the group at Banff, I believe are going to Greece.
Sylvia See Claresholm, Alberta