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updated sun 31 aug 97


Vikki Dow on fri 1 aug 97

Hi All-
It's been almost a month and our kiln is still down due to problems with
our fuse box. Our landlord has upgraded to circuit breakers, but he is now
giving us a hard time about the (re)wiring for the kiln. After initially
saying anything was fine as long as we foot the bill, he now wants us to
get a "note" from the city saying it's ok for us to have a kiln in the
garage (detached from the house). We have a Skutt 1027. We can't get any
answers from the city planning office... we are at the end of our rope
trying to deal with all this.

Anyway, since the landlord seems to be most concerned about whether or not
his homeowners insurance would cover any damage if there's a problem with
the kiln, we are trying to look into our own insurance needs. We're new at
starting this pottery business, and it's very small right now. I just read
the article about insurance in the Crafts Report, but I was a little
confused by it all. Any suggestions as to exactly what insurance coverage
we should be looking into, as small-scale potters working out of our home?
Any recommendations for an insurance agent or company?

Thanks for all-

Vikki and Libby
Stilltree Pottery
Oakland, CA