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moonica rossol's book?

updated mon 31 mar 97


Nan Rothwell on sat 8 mar 97

Lynne in Tucson writes: "I highly recommend obtaining a copy of Monona
Rossol's book, "Keeping Claywork Safe and Legal", a valuable reference for
anyone venturing into a classroom or private studio."

Sounds great. Please tell us where it might be available? can you provide
any publication data?

Thank you!!
Nan Rothwell in Nelson County, Virginia -- where the daffodils are in

P. F. Shelor on sat 8 mar 97

You can write to this address. The book is $15.00 for NCECA members, I
think. You can e-mail Monona and she will send you details for ordering.

Monona Rossol, industrial hygienist
Arts, Crafts and Theater Safety
181 Thompson St., # 23
New York, NY 10012-2586 212/777-0062

Monona: 75054.2542@CompuServe.COM

David Donica on sun 9 mar 97

Dear Nan- I understand you can obtain a copy of this book by calling

Maggie in Mt. Shasta where the crocus are up, and I'm sick of having the flu.
Maggie Shepard
FireWorks Pottery
Mt. Shasta, Calif.