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modify ^6 to ^9-10

updated sat 30 nov 96


David Hewitt on fri 22 nov 96

In message , Ken Moore writes
>----------------------------Original message----------------------------
>Can someone help me figure out how to change the following glaze from a ^6
>to ^9/10 while altering its character as little as possible?
>Soda Spar 30
>Spodumene 12
>Ball Clay 10
>Red Clay 20
>Dolomite 18
>Gers. Bor 10
>Thanks for your help.
>Julie Moore
>Dirty Bird Pottery
>Manassas, VA
>....still looking for a used pugmill....I'll pay shipping
I would suggest that you leave out the Gertsley Borate and add 10 to 20
parts flint/quartz. Try a line blend between these limits and see what
some test tiles show.
If you do so this or try something else, it would be interesting and
instructive to know what results you get.
Best of luck.
David Hewitt
David Hewitt Pottery Caerleon, Tel:- 01633 420647
7 Fairfield Road, Caerleon, Newport, South Wales, UK.