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mid-fire clays

updated thu 31 oct 96


Dan Taylor on fri 4 oct 96

In answer to...
"will a midfire white withstand the abuse it would get in a dishwasher, oven,
microwave or any other kitchen appliance?"

I have used a cone 6 white stoneware for several years now. I do a full
line of dinnerware, use a semi-matte glaze, and have had no complaints. It
is true that any glaze less than shiney does mark more easily with cutlery
and I suppose could accumulate particles of food if not washed properly.
However, I don't perceive this to be significant enough to cause any
concern. After all, even a glass tumbler can carry bacteria if not washed
properly. As for withstanding normal abuse, cone 6 is still in the low range
of "stoneware" and if fired to maturity is as strong, from a functional
perspective, as any clay in the higher stoneware temperatures. IMHO
Dan Taylor
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