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media jurying

updated tue 30 apr 96


Indianapolis Art Center on tue 2 apr 96

At the Broad Ripple Art Fair this year we went to a modified media jurying
system for the first time. We had two panels, one for 2D work and one for
3D work, juried by artists working in those areas. I must say that with
this system the overall scores were LOWER for 2D and about the same for 3D
as a single mixed panel--which would have resulted in a 95% 3D show had I
not adjusted the 2D scores a little bit to compensate. The reason we never
did it before was the lack of local people to jury who would not be
competing to be in the show themselves--we can't afford to bring in jurors
from afar, and we have a policy (which we may actually change beginning next
year) of rejurying every year to keep the perspective fresh.

We don't have the same volume of entries as Cherry Creek or the big boys,
but we do OK. I think a media jurying is the ideal situation, but with the
smaller fairs like us we run into competitiveness from the jurors themselves
(e.g. "they're taking away my business") and it can be brutal. It seems a
shame that artists consider the business so cutthroat when they should be
just doing what they do and letting the buyer decide if it's what they want,
but that's how it goes.

Julia Moore
Indianapolis Art Center