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matte black cone 6 recipe

updated fri 31 may 96


Dan Taylor on sun 5 may 96

Here is one I have used for some time now and have found it to be very stable.
It's not the simplest of recipes and probably could be simplified but I've
never taken the time to do so because I don't use it that often so a batch
lasts for a couple of years and reworking it doesn't seem to be on the top
of my need-to list. So I'll give it to you like I have it in my grubby
little book.


Custer Feldspar 36
Whiting 9
Colmanite 5
Dolomite 5
Talc 16
Barium Carb. 8 (yea...I know...that awful stuff!)
Flint 16
Bentonite 5

Zircopax 15%
Rutile 20%
Cobalt Oxide 3%
Manganese Dioxide 2%
Black Iron Oxide 3%

I have also added 3% #6600 Black Mason stain for an even more black glaze.

----------------------------Original message----------------------------
The subject really says it all.The glaze base seems to remain beyond my reach
and I need to obtain a cone 5-6 matt black glaze for oxidation. Any help
would be appreciated. Thanks from Barbara in Lyme,Ct. where a personal
request from a friend finally forced this lurker on-line.
Dan Taylor
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