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matt clear at cone 6 oxidation

updated wed 31 jul 96


Leslie Ihde on sat 6 jul 96

I'm looking for a MATTE clear which is food safe for an electric firing
anywhere from cone 6-9. I've tried several clears, many of which are
completely fine if you want a shiny surface, but I can't find a matt
clear. Is there a reason that clears won't be matt? Or should I just
keep looking? Any recipes for a matte to semi matte surface would be
gratefully appreciated.
Leslie in Vestal NY

Barbara Webb on sun 7 jul 96

Michelle Campbell posted a ^5 MATTE Transparent back in Oct 95. I have
tested it over some iron oxide brush strokes on a buff stoneware. So
far, so good. Here it is.
1213P Calcium Matte Transparent
Wollastonite 33.88
Frit 3134 21.10
Kaolin 45.01
(I used EPK)
The original discussion was about not interfering with pink and red stains.
Hope I helped.
Barbara Webb
Marietta, GA

Ron Roy on sun 7 jul 96

Hi Leslie,

I don't have a recipe for you but I know the way to get a clear (frosty
clear) glaze is by over supplying CaO. This results in excess CaO coming to
the surface on cooling giving at least a semi-mat surface but you can see
through the glaze. It's the only way I have ever heard of getting both.

Ron Roy
Toronto, Canada
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