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matt clear at cone 6 - 9 oxidation

updated wed 31 jul 96


David Hewitt on wed 10 jul 96

Hi Leslie,

I regularly use a glaze at cone 8 over coloured slips which is matt but
lets the coloured slips show through. This is in oxidation over a buff
stoneware glaze. In case this sounds what you are after and interesting
to you, I give the recipe below, which I have translated from the UK
sourced materials that I use, into North American materials. Actually
the difference is very small.

50.0 Cornwall Stone
22.0 EPK
23.0 Dolomite
6.0 Whiting
10.0 Talc
111 Total

% Weight Ananlysis

SiO2 56.94, P2O5 0.29, Al2O3 17.58, Fe2O3 0.29, MgO 8.82, CaO 12.07,
Na2O 1.77, K2O 2.38.
David Hewitt
David Hewitt Pottery Caerleon, Newport, Gwent, UK.

Leslie Ihde on mon 15 jul 96

David Hewitt-
Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you! I just opened the kiln and I am
thrilled, first try, with your matt clear. Not only that, it single fired
beautifully over both porcelain and stoneware (miller #55)
I also recieved two other recipes which I will try. I noted your e-mail
that yours was similar to tony's.
Vestal NY