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updated thu 31 oct 96


Jan on mon 14 oct 96

Having followed the discussion on Math, here is my two cents

I have always been terrified of Math. I could not understand the
concepts,could not remember formulas, and never understood the
need for Maths. I also did very badly in the subject in my exams.
When I had to do Chemistry, I faced the same problems because I did
not understand why I have to know about chemicals and how to
calculate formulas...(whatever you call them!)

Whenever I am faced with even a simple mathematical problem now, I
still tend to freeze up, I get scared.

Now, that I am interested in ceramics, making glazes and so on, I
only wish I understand chemicals, know how to calculate and did
learn Math properly. It is partly because of my fear and complex
that I still have not made any glazes, or even my own clay. I have

Anyway, the Chinese school system here in Malaysia has a very good
way of teaching Maths. They only have the BEST Math teachers in the
foundation classes to teach the subject. Children start learning
Maths here at the age of 7 when they start formal schooling and the
first 3 years of Maths education is taught by VERY dedicate and the
most senior (as in experience and also age) teachers. The reason is
building a strong foundation for the children in learning the
subject properly and well. Because of this system, we find the
Chinese school students ALWAYs performed much better in the subject
in the government exams compared to the national schools. Ironicly,
my mum was one of these dedicate teachers who taught for over 30
years of Math to thousands of 7, 8, and 9 year old kids in a
well-known Chinese school here.

I was not from the Chinese school there..

Sorry if this is too trivial...


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