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mata ortiz pottery seminar

updated tue 30 sep 97


Rick Sherman on thu 11 sep 97

I was requested to post the following. For those interested in
learning about or making Mexican pottery, this could be worth the
---------------------------original messge-------------------------

Mata Ortiz Pottery Seminar

A Celebration of Senses: Hearing, Seeing and Feeling

Slide Lecture: Friday Evening, October 10th at the FolkArt Gallery,
2415 Larkspur Landing Cir., Larkspur. Spencer MacCallum, social
anthropologist, will present a slide lecture on the pottery
renaissance in Mata Ortiz, Chihuahua, Mexico...will include a
reception in honor of master potters, Lydia Quezada de Talavera and
Rito Talavera. 7PM-9PM. Free admission.

Pottery Making Demonstrations: Saturday, October 11, and Sunday,
October 12. In Walnut Park, corner of Petaluma Blvd. and D Streets.
Lydia and Rito will publicly demonstrate the forming, painting and pit
firing of their hand-made Casas Grandes style pottery. 10AM to 5PM
each day. Information: 707/762-1241. Free admission.

Hands on Workshops with Master Potters of Mata Ortiz, Lydia Quezada de
Talavera and Rito Talavera. Attend one, two or all three days.
Monday, October 13, 1997: Forming hand-built slab and coil clay pots.
10AM-5PM. Thursday, October 16, 1997: Sanding, polishing and painting.
10AM-5PM. Friday, October 17, 1997: All Day Pit Firing.
10AM-finish. Class size limited, contact Vision & Magick Gallery for
location, fee details and enrollment: 1-800-418-4746.

Some Background Information:
The Mata Ortiz Story: Twenty years ago, in a remote village in
Chihuahua, Mexico, anthropologist Spencer MacCallum discovered Juan
Quezada, an unknown ceramic artist of incredible ability. Today the
300 potters of Mata Ortiz make some of the finest hand-built pottery
in the world. These skillfully executed bowls, jars and effigy
figures now appear in the permanent collections of great museums,
including the Heard in Phoeniz, the Smithsonian and the Southwest
Museum in Los Angeles.
Lydia Quezada de Talavera is Maestro Juan Quezada's youngest sister
and star pupil. She has always been considered one of the best potters
in the Mata Ortiz tradition. Lydia makes ollas, creating both
polychrome and blackware pots, sometimes utilizing marbelized clay.
Lydia's design pattern is formed by one continuous line for each
design field. She states that most other Mata Ortiz potters do not
employ this technique because it is very difficult and requires
complete concentration.
Rito Talavera at first helped his wife Lydia, however he has developed
his own unique blackware which usually features lizards or snakes in
relief around the rim. The sculptural quality of his work is
interesting for the manner in which the figures rise out of and away
from the body of the pot. His blackware is highly polished and is
often mistaken for carved stone.
Visit the Vision & Magick Gallery at 21 Fourth St. in downtown
Petaluma, to view an exhibition of exquisite pottery from Mata Ortiz.
Monday, and Wednesday through Saturday 10AM to 6PM. Sunday 11AM to
5PM. Closed Tuesday.

Contact: Barbara Rogers
Vision & Magick Gallery
21 Fourth Street
Petaluma, CA 94952
Phone: 707/762-1241 or toll free: 1-800-418-4746.