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mason stains-how much per gallon of slip?

updated wed 30 apr 97


Tiggerbus on mon 31 mar 97

I bought some mason stains at a local supplier and I used the measurements
that the supplier suggested, but the colors did turn out, but not at the
intensity I desired. Can anyone give me the correct way to use these
mason stains and which ones they have used successfully? I have heard
that you can use some oxides with the greenware, but I am clueless in this

I am wanting to create high color on bisque ware for outdoor birdhouses
and squirrel feeders!


Amy Gossett
Capuccino and Clayart mornings.........
"Reality is merely a crutch for those with a broken imagination..."

Doug Gray on tue 1 apr 97


Unfortunately, you are the most qualified person to answer your own
question. I can tell you, as will others of the list I'm sure, that
the amount of mason stain you add will affect the color response. If
you want more intense colors, add more until you reach the saturation
you desire.

I can say that you will be adding alot more stain to a slip (basically
a clay body) that you would need to if you were adding the stain to a
glaze (basically glass).

The other variable would be what are you placing over the colored
slip, anything? Sometimes the colorants don't show up real well until
you put a glaze over them. If you are just using colored slip the
color will never be as intense as the color response from colored slip
covered by let's say a clear glaze.

Experimentation is the key. Keep trying until you get the intensity
you desire.

Doug Gray
Alpine, TX