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making kiln furniture

updated thu 11 jul 02


Fred Paget on sat 27 jul 96

I want to make some drip pans and sagers for crystalline glazed ware out of
Lincoln fire clay which I can get in bags at the local brickyard for $9.00
per 100 pounds - a lot cheaper than the stoneware and porcelean bodies I
have on hand.
Would it be a good idea to ad something to the clay such as fine silica
sand to open it up. I need furniture that will stand up at a soak at cone 9
or 10 which amounts to about cone 11. (a small cone 12 in the kiln sitter
is just starting to bend but not enough to shut off).
Does anyone know the formulas for the stuff they make kiln shelves and
posts out of?
I will make these items by slip casting.

Fred Paget---Mill Valley,CA,USA

Dale Neese on wed 10 jul 02

I remember an article in Ceramics Monthly by Elmer Taylor that has a =
recipe for kiln post. A search of the CM index resulted:

Author(s): Elmer Taylor
Issue: April 1978, Page 54

If you are unable to find a copy, I can dig through my library and =
retrieve the recipe.
Dale Tex