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madison art fair on the square

updated thu 31 jul 97


Colleen A. Schneider on wed 2 jul 97


Dear Cheesehead Clayarters,
I made it into the Madison Art Fair on the Square Saturday July 12th
10:00-6 and Sunday July 13th 10:00-5...Miracles do happen! I would love
to put some of your names with your I need your
support,(I'm booth 678- Does anyone know if they stuck me next to a
toilet or anything?). I'm very nervous, in fact I'm becoming panicky---
this is my "big debut" since graduation BUT it's always great to go home
(actually Milwaukee) during the NON-WINTER MONTHS so I'm going to do it,
(I now live in Virginia). I also hope to contact,(WARNING):

Dave and Pat Eitel
Dennis Bindley
Carroll College

Any other suggestions?
This ought to be interesting....

Colleen (the other Colleen)